Ferro VEDOC Powder Coating Product Range

VEP Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating

The Vedoc VEP range of powder coatings is a general-purpose coating based on epoxy-polyester resin blend used in general metal coating and domestic appliances. This type of powder coating system is typically used where the hard, durable finish of an epoxy coating is necessary, but with added superior heat stability.

Typical applications include coatings for domestic appliances and office furniture. It is not recommended to apply this range of powders for exterior purposes and polyester coatings are recommended for such applications (See VP and VX ranges below).

VP HI-Q Polyester Powder Coating

The Vedoc VP Hi-Q range is an exterior polyester powder coating and was designed for architectural use where superior gloss and colour retention are required. This is achieved through the superior UV stability and weathering resistance that this range possesses.
This product has the SABS 1578 approval mark and carries a 15 year guarantee when it is applied by an approved applicator.

VX Polyester Powder Coating

VEDOC VX polyester powders are suitable for exterior exposure and are used in general industrial applications due to its hard and superior abrasion resistant properties. These are recommended where superior UV resistance is required and may be applied to suitably pre-treated aluminium and mild steel. The VX range is not recommended for architectural use and does not carry the SABS 1578 mark.

VPU Polyurethane Powder Coating

VEDOC VPU powders are formulated as a superior polyurethane system for many external applications in the automotive industry. These powders are suitable for interior as well as exterior applications.

VPC Powder Coating

VEDOC VPC powders are manufactured from functional epoxy resins to create fusion-bonded epoxy powder coatings (FBE coatings). These coatings are used to provide high corrosion protection and chemical resistance to the coating of pipelines and valves.

VE Powder Coating

VEDOC VE powder coating is manufacturer from general epoxy resins. This powder coating is recommended for a broad range of interior functional and decorative applications such as indoor refrigeration equipment, hospital or medical equipment, shelving, electrical equipment and instrument cases.

Choice of Powder Coating finishes

  • Smooth finish - Gloss, Semi Matt or Matt
  • Textured finish - An excellent choice for masking any substrate irregularities or surface imperfections.
  • Speckled
  • Metallic
  • Fluorescent powders (not UV durable)
  • Ferrograin
  • Clear powder - is available as a topcoat where additional protection is required.

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