Powder Coating Advantages

Although a finish represents only one attribute of a coated part, it is the most visible and influential characteristic to the consumer. Powder coatings have a positive impact on the consumer, both directly and indirectly, and provide solutions to issues of public concern. Powder coatings have become the coating technology of choice for consumable goods from toolboxes, bicycles, ofice furniture, and lawn furniture to widespread markets such as appliance and automotive for the reasons listed below.

QUALITY: The unique rheological and application characteristics of powder coatings provide superior consistency and uniformity of finish without sags, drips, runs, or bubbles. They provide extremely tough, durable films, enhancing the high quality, value-added image of consumer products. In general, the performance properties, such as impact resistance, flexibility, and corrosion resistance, of powder coatings are better than liquid paints. Powder coated parts resist cracking, peeling, and marring during handling and normal service use. In many cases, merchandise is specifically being advertised as "POWDER COATED" because of the quality image it projects.

ECONOMICS: Powder coatings are frequently a cost saving alternative to liquid paints with respect to energy savings, labour costs, rework costs, material usage, waste disposal, and overall line efficiency. The advantage to manufacturers and the consumers is a coated part with a superior quality finish at a reasonable cost.

ENVIRONMENTAL: Environmental issues are of significant interest and importance to the government and general public today. Unlike many liquid paints, powder coatings are compliant with environmental regulations. Liquid paints often contain solvents, which can contribute to air pollution and, in some cases, ozone depletion. Powder coatings are free of such pollutants. Wet painting processes can generate sludge, which must be disposed of into hazardous waste landfills. Properly formulated powder coatings generate no such hazardous waste. The consumer can feel good about buying a powder-coated product, which is ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE.

Advantages of powder coating

  • Solvent free - no VOC emission.
  • Low fire hazard risk.
  • Waste powder can be recycled.
  • Increased durability of finishes on the final product.
  • Superior corrosion resistance acting as a barrier to corrosive chemicals and moisture.
  • Superior chemical resistance.
  • Superior heat resistance when specifically developed for elevated temperatures.
  • Superior abrasion resistance for applications such as office furniture.
  • Powders can be formulated to withstand high impact on lawn mowers and automotive components.
  • Factory Applied.

Advantages of Ferro powder coating

1. Transfer efficiency:

  • Higher percentage of powder adhesion.
  • Less powder recycled.
  • Increased coverage per kilogram of powder.

2. Selecting the finest pigments:

  • Higher opacity coating.
  • Improved colour consistency.
  • Environmentally Friendly - No Volatile Organic Compounds.
Powder Coating Pigments 
 Powder Coating Colour Chart Fandeck